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MiND Token provides free access to mental, physical, legal, and financial health services as a reward for utilizing our staking system.

Well-being provider
Mental health

Mental, physical, legal and financial health services.

The MiND Token Lifeworks portal is live now offering mental health and telemedicine support in Canada, United States and UK for free through some of unique contests, and will be available at launch through our unique staking options and NFT's.

MiND Token provides free access to mental, physical, legal, and financial health services as a reward for utilizing our staking system. The MiND Token team has retained the services of the wellness company Lifeworks, the world's leading global total well-being provider!

Lifeworks services 26 million users in over 60 countries. The MiND Token/ Lifeworks EAP portal is live now for free by joining our community and partaking in some of our contests and will be live offering mental health and telemedicine support in Canada, the United States, and the UK at launch through our unique staking options.

MiND Token staking options will allow users to stake their MiND  Tokens for great APYs and receive access to the Lifeworks platform as a free bonus! Staking MiND tokens also grants Lifeworks access to your immediate family! As we grow so will your choice of partner staking options.

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MiND Staking - members gain free access to:

The MiND Token staking portal offers stable APYs and a world of free well-being support for MiND holders!

Doctors Acute medical care: Connect to a general practitioner in less than 5 minutes, 24 hours a day.
Therapists It can be difficult to find help in this space, MiND has easy to access, 24/7 support programs with evidence-based therapy.
Lawyers Call the toll-free number to set a meeting with a lawyer.
Health and Wellbeing Services Boost your well-being and potential with best-in-class coaching and digital resources.
Financial planners Connect with an expert for help managing your finances.
Fitness experts Access your custom-developed fitness journey through the LIFT fitness app.
Fitness programs Custom-developed training sessions created by the world’s best trainers.
Big brand discounts Membership comes with its own money-saving rewards!
Partnership Onboarding

One of MiND Token's primary goals is to onboard and partner with other projects.

Partnering with MiND Token gives free access to Lifeworks unique EFAP and their innovative well-being solutions so all team members and staff can perform and feel their best. It also provides their communities a staking portal that offers rewards in the project's native token!

Both communities enjoy mutual exposure, and partnered projects benefit by offering staking to their long-term holders. Email or contact us on Telegram to discuss staking system access pricing and partnership potentials!

Charitable NFTs

MiND will work with artists and local charities.

MiND Token is creating one of the most unique NFT staking portals in the space. Starting in our local area and moving towards community-selected organizations, MiND will facilitate charities in NFT creation and royalty generation.

MiND Token NFTs will be original works that incorporate custom art, NFT staking, upgradable NFTs, charity royalties, varying levels of scarcity, and yet-to-be-announced surprises.


Supply 12,000,000


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The MiND team founders Steffan Varem and Edward Kervan conceptualized MiND Token in the summer of 2021. Since then the team has formed corporation #BC1335986 - MNTL services Inc.




See our investment security links below!  We have gone through all processes with any listed company to ensure that your investment is secure with MiND

- Anonydoxx - S3EKOur Token contract was audited as well! - Audit from SafetinWe have been Vetted with Defi Skeptic. - Vetting Report

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After opening all related corporate financial accounts and creating the company profile, the MNTL team retained the global wellness company Lifeworks services and hired professional developers to help create the MiND ecosystem.

There are many well-developed directions we will grow this ecosystem while ensuring we have something in store for all investors!


MiND Token has worked to build partnerships with the following projects and corporations!  These projects stand behind transparency and honesty in the space.  We are proud to supply them with our services and benefits


 ???? Secret! Keep watching for updates!

Partner Staking Links

See below for our Partner Staking and NFT Links.  We are also working on our Mind Token Clothing portal which will be ready soon!

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Currently we have Cups and Tshirts availible for $30 Delivered to The US, Canada and UK, a 5$ fee will be added ror countries outside that location.  To arrange delivery email



Our Team

Steffan Varem
Port Alberni, Canada

Steffan has over 20 years of experience in the tech and business world. Working within the walls of IBM, Steffan provided coroporation wide server/workstation updates for companies such as Trans Canada Pipelines and TD/Canada Trust. Steffan left IBM in 2000 and moved on to successfully operate several tech-related companies as well as bringing high speed dialup and ADSL to many communities within the province of British Columbia. After stepping away from the industry for some time to raise children, and finding his own need for mental health and wellbeing support, Steffan partnered with Ed and brought forth his vision. With their combined knowledge of business and crypto MiND Token was born!

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Ed Kervan
Parksville, Canada

Ed is a Canadian entrepreneur. He has owned and operated a horticulture business in western Canada for 21 years. Ed has been involved in crypto since 2017 and is a tech hobbyist.

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